Custom Transfers – Spot Colour

Spot colour transfers can be from 1 to 7 colours. We have 3 different sheet sizes (24cm x 28cm), (31cm x 28cm) & (32cm x 36cm). We charge per sheet not per logo. So you can fit one logo or as many small logos as you can per sheet. Our minimum quantity is 25 sheets per job.
The good thing about transfers is that you only use them when you need them you are not left with a whole lot of pre-printed shirts.

There are a number of different transfer processes:
*    We have Hot & Cold split transfers that allow two different finishes.
*    Printable Adhesive transfers for stretch fabrics such as lycra and swimwear
*    Nylon beaded transfers for schoolwear, sportswear & workwear for a harder wearing finish.
*    Glitter transfers are also availble.